MS Windows Remotely Delete Profile Script

Use the below script to run a profile cleanup on a remote computer running MS Widows Vista or newer

You will need to download DelProf2 and save it to your PC or a shared network location. Download from here

How to use:

Save the below script as a ‘.bat’ file, Update the robocopy path of where your delprof2 application is being stored.

Running the batch file will present a CMD window asking for the asset tag (also known as hostname) of the PC this task is to be run on.

On entering an asset tag the script will start the remoteregistry service of the remote PC, copy the DelProf2 application across to the local PC and then run the program using the defined criteria

To customize the DelProf2 criteria see the above link for syntax and examples.


@echo off
REM *********************************************
REM A.Nicholls
REM 25/05/2016
REM *********************************************

REM Get remote PCs hostname
set /p id=Enter Hostname:

REM this line starts the remote registry service
psexec \\%id% cmd.exe /c "net start remoteregistry"

REM Copies the DelProf application to your local PC
robocopy \\Servername\Shared\DelProf c:\ DelProf2.exe /r:0 /w:0

REM Executes DelProf with a config
C:\DelProf2.exe -c:%id% /u /ed:admin* /d:90


Raspberry Pi Slideshow .PPT .PPTX .ODP

The information below will help you to setup a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS that will play a slideshow/PowerPoint presentation using a PPT/PPTX or ODP file.

The system will be setup to automatically login to a desktop, load Libre Office Impress (PowerPoint alternative) and run a slide show presentation with custom slide show settings defined.

Please note, MS Powerpoint slideshows might not display 100% correctly in Libre, you can save from MS PP to an open format or to ensure an output as expected, just grab Libre office for PC or Mac, it is Free after all!!


Instead of using a costly full blown MS Windows desktop PC we can use a Raspberry Pi that not only costs hundreds of pounds less to buy but also consumes a minor percentage of power that a full desktop uses as well as being small enough to attach to the rear of the display device.

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LR Rewire Lucas DAB108 Ignition Module

Rewire of a Lucas DAB108 ignition module used on the Rover 3.5 v8, also known as a ’35D’ system.

After hearing some louder than normal sparking sounds whilst under the bonnet one day,  a closer look was needed, this is what I found…

As this is the older style of Rover distributer and coil the ignition module is large metal unit that sites with the coil attached the passenger wing – never versions like the 35DLM8 have a 3 or 2 pin ignition module directly mounted on the distributer.


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LR 90 Knee Switch (dash lights-hazard-interior light)

Fed up of a dodgy interior light / dash light switch I have decided to separate these 2 functions.

One switch will run the standard Land Rover 90 interior light and another switch will run dash lights. The switch that’s currently in place is a Britpart switch that basically failed the 3rd time it was used – both would come on at one time, dash lights toggle would stop working, both would then stops working, after opening the switch up a couple of times to resolve the issues, I just cant be bothered to fix it anymore or pay the £30 for a genuine switch.

With the original 3 position switch connection block cut off its simply a case of providing the switches with the relevant positive, negative and dash light feed  before connecting the original dash light output and interior output wires to the switch’s.

LR90 Knee Switch

The switch to run the dash lights isn’t going to be illuminated as it will be left ON, I just didn’t want to loose the function of turning the dash lights off independently – I see it as one of those cool little things like the Saab half dash illumination feature.


Whilst I was there I decided to replace the broken plastic fascia with a new one, I  picked up a brushed stainless switch holder – I wasn’t looking for a brushed one, £2 at a jumble.