Li-ion battery overcharge

So one day I left a Voyo A1 mini tablet charging for a little too long, I thought, oh well – I will replace the battery at a later time and just leave it in a box for now.

Leaving an over charged Li-ion battery in a box for 7 months isn’t the best things to do ….


Sorting some things out some time later I found the unit and wondered why the box wouldn’t shut completely, a peak in side and I see the below! luckily the box wasn’t kept next to a heat source as i guess things could of been worse.


Site Address Change

As you can see this blog is now being hosted from (or

In the past I have moved WordPress installs from development to live and also live migrations without any issues until I came to move this site.

I had carried out all the normal steps to moving a WP install;

  • Backup root folder
  • Backup database
  • Change site location in settings>general>WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL)
  • Export database
  • Upload root folder
  • Import Database
  • Run the following SQL command to update any paths that are outstanding:

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Raspberry Pi Chromium

The information below will help you setup a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 to automatically load a predefined webpage in Chromium from boot with no user interaction.


Instead of using a costly full blown MS Windows desktop PC we can use a Raspberry Pi that not only costs hundreds of pounds less to buy but also consumes a minor percentage of power that a full desktop uses as well as being small enough to attach to the rear of the display device.

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MS Windows Query Internet Explorer Version

The below script will remotely query MS Windows 7+ for what version of Internet Explore a PC has installed.

Download PSEXEC here

How to use:

Ensure you have PSEXEC installed and ready for use,  more info here

Save the below to a ‘.bat’ file of whatever name you like. On running the batch file you will be asked for a hostname, enter the hostname and press the enter key.

Once the Enter key is selected the system will return what version of IE is installed on the remote PC.


@echo off
REM *********************************************
REM A.Nicholls
REM 25/05/2016
REM *********************************************

REM Get remote PCs hostname
set /p id=Enter Hostname:

psexec \\%id% -h cmd /c reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" /v "svcVersion"

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