LR Rewire Lucas DAB108 Ignition Module

Rewire of a Lucas DAB108 ignition module used on the Rover 3.5 v8, also known as a ’35D’ system.

After hearing some louder than normal sparking sounds whilst under the bonnet one day,  a closer look was needed, this is what I found…

As this is the older style of Rover distributer and coil the ignition module is large metal unit that sites with the coil attached the passenger wing – never versions like the 35DLM8 have a 3 or 2 pin ignition module directly mounted on the distributer.


Below shows which LR V8’s use this module

Defender 3.5 (Detoxed) 1990
Land Rover III 3.5 1985
Land Rover III 3.5 (Detoxed) 1985
Land Rover 90 3.5 1985-86
Land Rover 90 3.5 (Detoxed) 1985-90
Land Rover 110 3.5 1985-86
Land Rover 110 3.5 (Detoxed) 1985-90
Range Rover 3.5 1984-86
Range Rover 3.5 EFI 1986
Range Rover 3.5 (Detoxed) 1984 »

Lucas don’t make this units anymore however PowerSpark over at do a replacement unit that comes in at £169.


Inside this unit there is a suppressor and 4 ping GM module that seem to be working fine so a whole new unit isn’t needed just yet.

New female push connectors, some new wire and abit of heat shield later, all is rewired nicely.


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