ARPIC – Raspbian Light Stretch NTP

Whilst setting up a new APRIC I noticed that the time was not updating as expected, no update on boot.

I have not setup an RTC on this unit yet, but NTPD would need to be installed anyway to updated the RTC later.

It appears in the Jan 2018 release of Rasbian Lite Stretch does not have NTPD installed as default.

A quick way to check the time and date configuration is to use timedatect1

To install NTPD and set the time

  • Start with a system update ;

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

  • Ensure your raspi-config location settings are correct;

sudo raspi-config

Under 4  Localisation Options, Select I2  Change Timezone & location 

    • Install NTPD

sudo apt-get -y install ntp

  • To set the time and date use te below string, updating as appropriate

sudo date -s "19 JAN 2018 13:16:00"

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