ARPIC, Install Raspbian Lite onto a Raspberry Pi

ARPIC – Another Raspberry Pi Controller

Hardware  :

Raspberry Pi

4GB or larger Micro SD card

Network connection – cable or WiFi

PC with an SD card reader (Windows OS in this example)


For help getting Raspbian onto your SD card, take a look at these pages;

Lets get started!

  • Connect the Raspberry Pi to your network, you can either plug up a keyboard and monitor or SSH into the Pi using Putty.
  • Login to the Pi using the default credentials ( pi \ raspberry ).
  • Its always best to run a system update even on a new install;

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

  • Once the system update has completed, restart and log back in.


  • Type the below code to access the raspi-config file;

sudo raspi-config

For this project, the changes to the raspi-config file are listed below, refer to official, easy to use documentation from if you get stuck.

  • Under 7  Advanced Options, Select A1  Expand Filesystem
  • Under 5  Interface Options, Select P2  SSH and Enable
  • Under 5  Interface Options, Select P7  1-Wire and Enable
  • Under 4  Localisation Options, Select I2  Change Timezone & location and set
  • Under 2  Network Options, Select N1 Hostname and set your desired hostname
  • Under 2 Network Options, If your using a compatible WiFi dongle, the SSID and passpharase can be entered under option N2

Once completed, Select the Finish option and select Yes at the prompt to restart.

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