MS Windows Query Internet Explorer Version

The below script will remotely query MS Windows 7+ for what version of Internet Explore a PC has installed.

Download PSEXEC here

How to use:

Ensure you have PSEXEC installed and ready for use,  more info here

Save the below to a ‘.bat’ file of whatever name you like. On running the batch file you will be asked for a hostname, enter the hostname and press the enter key.

Once the Enter key is selected the system will return what version of IE is installed on the remote PC.


@echo off
REM *********************************************
REM A.Nicholls
REM 25/05/2016
REM *********************************************

REM Get remote PCs hostname
set /p id=Enter Hostname:

psexec \\%id% -h cmd /c reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer" /v "svcVersion"

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