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ARPIC – Time Check Boot Script

In the event of a power outage, an analogue power socket timer switch will simply turn off.   When then power returns, the unit is not aware of how long the power has been out for and the timer will continue from when the power cut.

If a digital timer is used, on power being restored, the time should be correct with your on/off schedule preserved.

When using a Linux system (Raspberry Pi) and Cron to set a scheduled task, if a power cut occurred within the time an action was supposed to initiate, this window will be missed as when the system power is restored the action event would have passed and won’t be initiated until the next scheduled time.

For the ARPIC or Linux system to act like a 7 day digital timer a script is used on start up to check the time.

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MS Windows Remotely Delete Profile Script

Use the below script to run a profile cleanup on a remote computer running MS Widows Vista or newer

You will need to download DelProf2 and save it to your PC or a shared network location. Download from here

How to use:

Save the below script as a ‘.bat’ file, Update the robocopy path of where your delprof2 application is being stored.

Running the batch file will present a CMD window asking for the asset tag (also known as hostname) of the PC this task is to be run on.

On entering an asset tag the script will start the remoteregistry service of the remote PC, copy the DelProf2 application across to the local PC and then run the program using the defined criteria

To customize the DelProf2 criteria see the above link for syntax and examples.


@echo off
REM *********************************************
REM A.Nicholls
REM http://www.adienicholls.co.uk/blogs
REM 25/05/2016
REM *********************************************

REM Get remote PCs hostname
set /p id=Enter Hostname:

REM this line starts the remote registry service
psexec \\%id% cmd.exe /c "net start remoteregistry"

REM Copies the DelProf application to your local PC
robocopy \\Servername\Shared\DelProf c:\ DelProf2.exe /r:0 /w:0

REM Executes DelProf with a config
C:\DelProf2.exe -c:%id% /u /ed:admin* /d:90


Raspberry Pi GPIO Start-up Script

On powering/reset of the Raspberry Pi connected to a relay board, the state of the relays needs to be defined or they just sit in limbo until their first use, this might be fine in some application but not others..

For my Raspberry Pi  aquarium system, the ‘original‘ Web UI does have a script on loading the webpage to define the pin modes but if there is a power cut and the RPi is restarted, we need these values set and activated when the RPi boots in case nobody loads the piTank webpage directly after a reboot – thus critical components wont be turned on.

The fix to this issue is gpiobootscript.sh

GPIO Readall

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