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Raspberry Pi Chromium

The information below will help you setup a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 to automatically load a predefined webpage in Chromium from boot with no user interaction.


Instead of using a costly full blown MS Windows desktop PC we can use a Raspberry Pi that not only costs hundreds of pounds less to buy but also consumes a minor percentage of power that a full desktop uses as well as being small enough to attach to the rear of the display device.

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Raspberry Pi Base Image

Here is a quick instruction set on how to setup a Raspberry Pi Full Desktop Image with all the basic configuration completed so a fresh build can be put on an SD card from an image so you wont have to start from scratch for each new project/rebuild.

We will be using the official Raspbian Jessie OS but removing all the games and un-needed applicationsĀ still keeping the desktop GUI, another stripped down image will be made with no GUI later.

**work in progress**

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