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LR 90 Knee Switch (dash lights-hazard-interior light)

Fed up of a dodgy interior light / dash light switch I have decided to separate these 2 functions.

One switch will run the standard Land Rover 90 interior light and another switch will run dash lights. The switch that’s currently in place is a Britpart switch that basically failed the 3rd time it was used – both would come on at one time, dash lights toggle would stop working, both would then stops working, after opening the switch up a couple of times to resolve the issues, I just cant be bothered to fix it anymore or pay the £30 for a genuine switch.

With the original 3 position switch connection block cut off its simply a case of providing the switches with the relevant positive, negative and dash light feed  before connecting the original dash light output and interior output wires to the switch’s.

LR90 Knee Switch

The switch to run the dash lights isn’t going to be illuminated as it will be left ON, I just didn’t want to loose the function of turning the dash lights off independently – I see it as one of those cool little things like the Saab half dash illumination feature.


Whilst I was there I decided to replace the broken plastic fascia with a new one, I  picked up a brushed stainless switch holder – I wasn’t looking for a brushed one, £2 at a jumble.

Extending the gearstick on a Land Rover Defender/90

After installing the MUD Dash it became even more apparent the LT85 gearbox has a little more ‘throw’ compared to the LT77 or R380 .  Part of the issue is the MUD dash now protrudes from the dash  rather then being flush by about 3 inches.

To resolve the constant bashing of buttons you can either bend the gear stick or extend it, I decided to extend as bending the stick will just make it sit lower to the floor when selecting 2nd and 4th and in an upright positing it isn’t to hand as I would like it be.


Extending the gear stick will give it a rally look, gone are the days of shortening a gear stick for a ‘quick-shift’ look as you just need to move your arm/hand further down! These days if you don’t have paddle shift its a better idea to bring the gear knob up as close to the steering wheel as possible, thus less movement to be able to change a gear.

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