piTank Power Bar v1

To run the mains powered electrical items of the piTank I wanted a remotely controllable power bar connected to the same Raspberry Pi as the piTank software.

Future post:The piTank power bar will include input connections for thermal probes, water sensors, switch inputs and an external connector to a viewing panel mounted on the front of the cabinet.

What is the first thing you do when you have a good idea, Google it to see if anyone has done the same!

It turns out many people have had this idea.  I found this source >Web-Controlled-8-Channel-Powerstrip. This has all the basic info needed for both the hardware ideas and the software, this page also references instructions from another build to get the Raspberry Pi up and running using GPIO pin outs and an external relay board > Simple and intuitive web interface for your Raspberry Pi.

From here I modified the WebUI into piTank version 1.0, this will be made available at some point.  For the piTank power bar I went with the below hardware layout, this allows for 8 fused power outlets for 8 separate 240v 10amp relays run from one single 3pin UK  wall plug all with decent wiring inclosed in a weatherproof case.

It will do for now, the next tank project will use a different version of this hardware setup, check back at some point to see that build!


piTank-Power-bar-layoutHardware List:



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